7 Day Better Earth & Better You Drink Better Than Milk Challenge

Interested in incorporating more plant-based food and drink into your everyday routine? There are many reasons to make the switch or incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet– whether that’s for your health, the future of our environment and the animals (…or all the above!) One easy way to do so is by swapping out dairy milk for Better Than Milk. It’s a nourishing, creamy plant-based milk made from sustainable, organic ingredients and is environmentally fit.

Better Than Milk is nourishing for you, and the planet.

So we got to thinking, ‘What’s a great way we can show how to incorporate more plant-based, eco-friendly living?’ And that’s when the idea sparked for a 7-Day Plant-Based Challenge. We enlisted PA and environmental advocate Heather and her husband Josh from @bend.brothers to lead our 7-Day Plant-Based Challenge, kicking it off on World Plant Milk Day in August, but the beauty is that you can join in and start your own plant-based challenge any time! We invite you to scroll through to get recipe inspiration and more for each day of your challenge.

But first, let’s get to know Heather:

My name is Heather Montane and I’m currently living in Rochester, MN, with my husband Josh and our son and two Australian Shepherds. I’m originally from Wisconsin, but moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2016 to obtain my Master’s Degree. I always considered myself an eco-conscious person, but, in truth, I wasn’t. Fast forward a bit and I fell in love with hiking and, in turn, nature. This led me to seeking ways to protect the environment and my whole life flipped upside down. I’m now a bulk buying, composting, home gardening vegetarian. I work as a physician assistant at the Mayo Clinic in medical oncology and started a “green team” within the division. I’ve worked to phase out styrofoam use, refurbish keyboards rather than tossing them and more. I love sharing eco-friendly tips to encourage people to go green with me as well as vegetarian meal ideas, and I like focusing on ways to reduce plastic usage and reduce our carbon footprint.

Day 1

A peanut butter banana smoothie serves as a nourishing mid-day snack.

Day 2

This Vegan Cheese Quesadillas Recipe is plant-based and so satisfying, it’ll even make cow’s milk drinkers smile (Josh was drinking 2-3 gallons of cow’s milk prior to participating in the 7-day challenge).

Day 3

Plant-Based Banana Bread Recipe (Tip: The more ripe the bananas, the better!)

Day 4

Unsweetened Rice Milk, a snack and your best bud? Is there any better way to decompress after work?

Day 5

Josh cooked up a grilled corn salad full of fresh garden ingredients and topped it with a homemade vegan chipotle ranch dressing crafted using Drink Better Than Milk Almond Milk. Josh and Heather said “Drink Better Than Milk is the creamiest milk alternative we’ve found so it makes for a perfect base when preparing vegan salad dressings. Hot tip: making it from scratch allows us to forgo the plastic container a store-bought dressing would typically come packaged in.” Rather, Better Than Milk’s carton is made from FSC responsibly sourced materials and the cap is made from sugar cane, not petroleum– both are recyclable. To learn more about our responsible, eco-friendly packaging, click here

Day 6

Better Than Milk is shelf-stable and meant to take on the go for your favorite activities like hiking or meeting some furry friends followed by a picnic.

Day 7

Participated in the 7-Day Better Earth Better You Challenge? Join our community on social on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and share what positive shifts you’ve felt.

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