Welcome to the Better Than Milk Back to School Party!

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Ahhh…back to school. Time to learn, time to grow and time to discover ways of having fun while doing so! Welcome to the Back to School Better Than Milk Party!!?

As you’re zooming back to school—literally online— or in person, we thought we’d share a few tips on how incorporate our vegan, plant-based drinks into your new routine.

  • Before class in in session, enjoy Better Than Milk in a bowl of your favorite cereal for breakfast.

  • For a mid-day snack, try Better Than Milk in a fruit smoothie.

  • Enjoy a milk and cookies picnic break with friends.
  • Bake a tasty after-school treat using Better Than Milk.

  • Before bed, perhaps take a moment to pause, take a few nice deep breaths and write out a few things in your gratitude journal while hydrating with a nice big glass of Better Than Milk—or guzzle it straight from the carton! Our drinks are, after all, made from fresh mountain spring water.

And don’t forget, once you’re finished, all Better Than Milk cartons are recyclable from the cap right down to the carton. ??♻️

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