Think Green

There’s no argument that we can all benefit from being kinder to Mama Earth—in how we receive her resources, in the emissions we burn and in many other aspects of our lives. At Better Than Milk (BTM), we care about the environment—a lot. That’s why we’ve committed to doing our part to help Mama Earth maintain her pristine beauty and work to recover current damage where possible.

In case you missed the memo, cows and bulls are not invited the BTM party. Don’t get us wrong—we love animals! That’s why all of our BTM Certified Organic, Vegan Alternative Milk Drinks are plant-based and dairy-free. Not being made from animal milk means more happy cows roaming green pastures doing their thing. (Hey, cuties! ?) But get this, it also means fewer greenhouse gas emissions being released into the air. Hooray! ?

We’d be remiss if we didn’t also talk about the big ‘R’ word when it comes to helping Mama Earth—recycling. At BTM, we use responsibly sourced (FSC), recyclable Tetra packaging. We also reduce the transportation of the ingredients in our drinks by sourcing spring water that’s located close to our facility in the Lessini Mountains of northern Italy. How close, you ask? The spring water literally flows down the mountains into our facility. Cool, huh?

And to cap it all off—literally—our carton caps are made with plastic from renewable sources and sugar cane. In other words, no petroleum here! Now that’s something to feel good about the next time you take a sip of our Almond Milk, Oat Milk or Rice Milk.

No one is perfect, us included, yet we promise to keep courting Mama Earth to create an even better environmental friendship. One that’s a little more give and less take, always keeping her best interest in mind.