Earth Lovin’ Smoothie Bowl


Green Smoothie Base:


  • Banana
  • Blueberries
  • Holy Crap Cereal blueberry apple superseed mix



  1. Prep ahead of time. Peel and slice a banana to freeze. Pro tip: freeze the slices in an ice tray so they don’t clump together. Once they are frozen, then you can put them in a bag!
  2. You’ll need a blender. Depending on what blender you use, you may need to use a different frozen: liquid ratio. Always start with less liquid, you can always add more.
  3. Start with the frozen items. Add in the frozen banana and frozen mango.
  4. Next, add in spinach, dates and smoothie powder. Adding powder and seeds near the end prevents the seeds from getting stuck in the blade and potentially causing damage.
  5. Add that liquid last. It may not look like a lot but start with less.
  6. Put your top on the blender (and make sure it’s plugged in).
  7. Blend blend blend. If you have a tool to stir, that is super helpful. At this point, you can add more oat milk if needed.
  8. Transfer to a bowl. Smooth out your smoothie with a spoon.
  9. Top with banana, blueberry and holy crap mix.
  10. Dig right in!

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