Earth Month: Our Commitment to the Planet Part Two: Packaging

To continue kicking off Earth Month, here’s another exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at our role in taking care of this gorgeous blue planet we call home! Now we’re dishing all about our Better Than Milk packaging— spoiler alert, it’s recyclable from carton to cap and so much more.

Earth-Friendly Packaging

We aim to leave the tiniest carbon footprint possible, every step of the way—from where we get our ingredients, to how we create our products, all the way down to what we use to package them.


Sugarcane Bottle Caps

Our bottle caps consist of polyethylene, a type of plastic made entirely from sugarcane! We LOVE sugarcane—and not just because it produces sugar! Did you know that it is also an incredibly sustainable resource? It is net-zero and carbon-neutral, meaning it captures carbon dioxide and releases oxygen into the atmosphere. Our sugarcane caps reduce CO₂ emissions between 14-19% compared to plastic caps made with fossil fuels! When 200,000 tons of sugarcane plastic are produced annually, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 800,000 tons!


Our bio-based caps are petroleum-free, easy to recycle, and look and function like any other plastic caps!

Disclaimer: even though they’re made of sugarcane, please don’t try to eat our bottle caps. Don’t ask us how we know this, but they do NOT taste sweet.

Responsibly-Harvested Cartons

Our eco-friendly cartons are made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper! As the world’s most trusted forest management organization, the FSC has established a set of standards (10 principles and 70 criteria) to ensure that forests around the world are protected and sustainably managed. Click Here to Learn More about FSC

So what does this mean for our cartons?
  • They consist of a mixture of materials from FSC-certified forests, FSC controlled wood, or recycled materials.
  • They are made of about 70% paperboard, which is responsibly-harvested from renewable forests.
  • More than 50% of the energy used to produce these cartons is renewable, significantly reducing our environmental impact.
  • They’re 100% recyclable, of course!

Multiple Uses & Multiple Servings

To help combat single-use waste, all of our drinks are stored in multiple-serving 1-Liter cartons. You can have a glass of our Oat Drink or pour some over your morning bowl of cereal, then save the rest for your afternoon tea or for baking cookies! When it comes to using Better Than Milk, you’ve got loads of options.


Shelf-Stable Goodness

Thinking of sending a carton of Better Than Milk Rice Drink to your aunt who lives across the country? Want to take some Organic Oat Milk on your next camping trip? Going on vacation and can’t stand the thought of having your morning coffee without our Unsweetened Almond Milk? Good news: all of our beverages are 100% shelf-stable and non-perishable prior to opening, so you can enjoy your favorite flavor of Better Than Milk anywhere! Convenience and reducing food waste? We are all about it.

We’re so happy you joined us for this glimpse into how we help keep our wonderful planet safe! While we’re committed to carbon reduction and using renewable resources to produce our yummy beverages, we know that there’s always work to be done to help the environment. The Better Than Milk team is constantly working to find new ways to protect our beautiful Earth and offset global warming. So the next time you enjoy a refreshing smoothie made with our Organic Rice Milk, or a cappuccino with our smooth and dreamy Oat Milk, you can rest assured that you’re making a tasty, healthy, and sustainable choice. Cheers and have a very happy Earth Month!

…Is it just us, or is all of this reading making you thirsty, too? Feeling like you could go for a glass of our naturally sweet Rice Hazelnut Drink or some delicious Organic Almond Milk?

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