Welcome to the Better Than Milk Pantry-Party!

Stocking up your pantry is always a fulfilling task, and now more than ever, it’s important to find shelf stable milk when shopping. That’s why we’re happy to say that all Better Than Milk drinks are shelf stable. No need to overload your fridge or worry about an expiration date that’s right around the corner.

You may wonder, “Do Better Than Milk beverages need to be refrigerated before use?” Nope! However, for the best possible experience we highly recommend that you cool the drinks down and shake them up before pouring a glass, and then enjoy the creamy, tasty vegan milk within 5-7 days after opening (though if guzzling straight from the carton you might not have much left). ?

And hey, after you’re done, don’t forget to recycle your carton and the cap! Or, save it and get creative. Cut off the top of the carton and start a mini garden to grow some herbs, or use it to organize your home office supplies, or poke holes and hide cat treats in it. There are so many fun arts and crafts projects where it can be put to good use, too. With a little imagination and more time at home, the possibilities are endless!

Stay safe at home and don’t forget to stock up on Better Than Milk, which comes in a delicious variety of almond milk, rice milk and oat milk.

Enjoy that oh-so-satisfying moment of knowing you have a well-stocked pantry. Until next time, friends!